Planning your escort experience

We suggest you start this way. Imagine your absolute fantasy. Think about the type of woman you’ve always dreamed of meeting. This is a gift to yourself and we encourage you to indulge completely. Don’t be shy. There’s a reason that our escorts are such exceptional professionals. They won’t be shocked by your desires. They want to know all about them so that they can please you.

What would your dream escort look like?

Are they blonde, redhead or brunette? Do they have long glossy hair, or a sharp short haircut? Are they curvy or athletic, slim or voluptuous? Are they tall or petite? Are they long legged? Are they cute, unconventionally beautiful or traditionally stunning? Do they have a fair porcelain complexion, smooth olive skin tones, lovely mocha or deep dark chocolate skin colour?

Do you have an eye colour preference? Green, hazel, brown, icy blue? If you want to stare into her eyes, you want them to be absolutely perfect.

How about a smile? Some of our girls have big wide, inviting smiles, while others have more mischievous and playful grins. Perhaps you like a full mouth, with plump, soft, luscious lips.

Where in the world would your dream escort come from?

Would you like to meet a nice British girl next door, a tall, African goddess, a curvy spicy South American, an open minded, well educated Eastern European, a glamorous sexpot from France or are you thinking of traveling the world vicariously through the women you enjoy? Is it an accent you’re looking for or a look? The Slavic women have these amazing cheekbones and catlike eyes, while the women from more exotic locations have curves to die for. Maybe a stern Russian or German accent would be the perfect fit for a Domme. The world is truly your oyster with Cleopatra Escorts.

Do you have a type?

Are you into well travelled, educated gorgeous women that will fit into social situations of all kinds, make incredible conversation? Possibly you prefer young, cute dates who make you feel strong and protective? Do you like fiery red heads who can bring you to your knees with a single look? Maybe you enjoy a bit of slap and tickle giggly buxom blondes who are just a bundle of fun and, oh, so sexy? Do you like tall, leggy brunettes who always make excellent arm candy. On the other hand, you might prefer smaller, light framed women, who bring out your masculinity? How about wild girls, who love to party and get a bit crazy? We know that we all have our personal favourites, but there’s no harm in trying something new either. You may just surprise yourself.

What sort of activities would you like to share with your dream escort?

This is possibly the most important part of choosing the ideal escort for your special date. Some of our clients want a knockout gorgeous model to simply impress colleagues at a business event and then provide a little extra pleasure at the end of the evening. Others are looking for a full blown, overnight experience. They want to go out on the town, enjoy the company of the special companion of their choice. They want to chat, have fun, enjoy a meal and then head back for a nightcap and some intimate time together. They love to sleep with their date and cuddle through the night.

Of course, many of our customers have special requests. Some of them have things that they know they love doing, while others have always dreamed of trying things they’ve only seen in films. Everything is possible with our fantastic and enthusiastic escorts. We are certain that you’ll find the perfect date to help you experience all of the things you’ve ever wanted to do, and more. Our girls have special skills in a wide range of erotic arts including BDSM, domination, spanking, fetishes of every kind and, for those who truly want the icing on the cake, they are happy to role play or provide you with a sincere and thoughtful girlfriend experience.

If you want an escort to spend time with you and another woman, either as a couple or with another escort or, if you happen to be a woman or trans. We welcome clients of all genders and sexualities because we feel that everyone deserves intimacy in their life.

Of course, if you want something a little bit different and you don’t see it on any of our pages, please don’t hesitate to call our helpful receptionists.

Feel free to make yourself at home and to let us know, in advance, if you’d like your escort to have anything you specifically like or want available.