I Found Love When Working As a London Escort

Dating and having a relationship in this modern age is tricky, let alone if you are making a living as an escort. Some years ago, I got fired from my job as a procurement officer in London, and my life took a twist. My friend helped me to join the London escorts agency. My job as a London escort made dating next to impossible. If not impossible, it was still very hard.

In the first months, I was naïve. I had no feelings for my clients, and I thought my boyfriend would understand that escorting was just a job. Yes, I often liked my clients, but I did not have any romantic feelings for them. While I engaged in sex to earn money, the sex was just a mechanical act. I was perfect in feigning excitement about the penises of my clients and faking orgasms, but the sex meant nothing more to me. It was just for money.

After work, I was excited to go home to my boyfriend, the man I loved. I wanted to ride him for no pay, experience real emotions, have orgasms without faking, and express authentic excitement about intimacy. Off the job, I would go to the elegant bars in London city where I would meet men I was interested in and also tell they liked me. Everything would go well until he asked what I was doing for a living. No matter how I framed that I worked with an escort agency, the attitude of the man towards me would change immediately and turn into a disrespectful monster.

I was always feeling guilty for sleeping with other men while I had a boyfriend. He had not chosen my line of work and did not know about it either. I did not want to put his health in danger, so I quit escorting and tried to get another job in central London. But I was not lucky, we broke up with my boyfriend, and I went back to work as a London escort. For several months after that, I got married to my job. I worked for many hours a day and made a lot of cash, but I was still missing love.

I tried dating my clients, who would fall in love with me, but I had no feelings for them. But there is this one client that I madly fell in love with. I had been taking clients when one day, a client paid for my services. We met in a fancy restaurant in London, and immediately I felt this undeniable surge of lightning in my heart due to his presence. He is a wealthy black American man, a bit muscular in his early forties. He is the most handsome client and partner I ever had, tattooed and also sweet to be around.

This client was not judgmental about my past and escort job. He treats me like a princess or some sort of goddess. It’s like he has never seen a woman more beautiful than me. However, he is very private, and we don’t go public by he treats me exceptionally well in private. I know he may just be satisfying his fantasy-like other clients, but it has been a year that he has been paying the escort agency for my services, and he treats me the same.

He confessed that he also has deep feelings for me and requested that I leave the agency, but I declined. He has offered to give me everything that I require in life, but I have to quit the escort job. Last month, we had our wedding, and we now live together as husband and wife. I fall in love with him in the midst of all this, am no longer an escort, and he is all that I want.