A Christmas Like No Other

For the past few months, there is this client that I have been seeing on and off. He is a college student in London studying some business related course. He mostly calls me on the weekends, pays well, smells nice and isn’t into weird stuff. The best client an escort would ask for.

Sometimes last year, Brad, not his real name of course gave me a call and informed me he wanted to meet. Okay so here is the thing about Brad. He is a pretty interesting guy and is quite good looking. So its pretty hard to turn him down. I quickly agreed and asked him if we would meet at his place in Bayswater.

He wanted us to meet outdoors for coffee. This wasn’t like him at all. I was skeptical at first but then I agreed. When we met he looked tense. So I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. It was a couple of days before Christmas so everyone was in the holiday. I personally don’t like this time of the season so I wanted to be out for the least time possible.

Anywhere as we were taking coffee, Brad told me that he needed a favor. I was all ears. So, apparently Brad has been telling his parents that he has a girlfriend by my name. And that he would bring her home this Christmas. I was full on surprised. You see the thing about this job is that there should be no strings attached. At times we are forced to cut some clients off because of being too close.

So here was Brad looking at me with his beautiful big blue eyes. Looking like he would die if I said no. I not being the holiday kind of person. I said no. He looked at me and pleaded that he would do anything if I agreed. I never go home for Christmas, so I agreed to go with him.

Fast forward to 24th, Brad was there outside my house waiting for me in his car. Because this was a weird trip, I packed only my decent clothes. I didn’t know how his parents were. So I inquired about everything on the way.

When we were parking on the driveway, I saw his mom come out and there she was so eager to see who is son had brought home. I may not be girlfriend material but I do know how to act like one. I was all over Brad and acting so innocent. I couldn’t help notice the smile on Brad’s face. He was happy at how I had made his parents happy. We were welcomed inside and as we were taking our bags to his room, Brad was so excited and he grabbed my booty as we were heading upstairs.

In his tiny room, I could feel the sexual tension right away. He unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them to my knees and he bent me over. It was one hot quicky but I didn’t climax. He nutted on my face so we had to wipe it off with his towel.

We went down stairs, had some late lunch. And it was at this point when it got crazy. His mom called me outside and asked me what I thought of his son. I was very honest and told him how Brad was a great lad. She was so happy to hear that and asked me to never break his heart.

I got back to the house and Brad was so happy to see me. He asked me about everything that happened outside. I told him seductively and I could see his thing bulging right away. His parents were still outside, he opened my trousers and started undressing my top. We did it on the kitchen counter with his parents outside. That was the riskiest sex I had ever had. It was so fun that I climaxed. And went upstairs for a shower.

I cant deny that this was the best Christmas I had ever had in the craziest way possible. His parents were so amazing and so was the sex. We had lots of fun and by the end of the weekend, I felt superb. As we were driving home I couldn’t help but stare at Brad and wonder how he had come from such a loving home. He did end up having feelings for me but I wasn’t looking for anything serious. So we had to cut things off.