John’s meeting with An Escort

John has been a married man for the past 18 years. Though he has a happy family, he rarely gets sexually satisfied by his wife. As a result, John asks for advice from his closest friend David who tells him of London escorts. At first, John didn’t like the idea, but after a while, he looks for information about London escorts and how they work. During the search, he finds Eve, an independent escort who was looking forward to meeting a new client that day. After booking for an appointment, the two agreed to have a meeting on the weekend.



Early afternoon on Saturday, the doorbell rings. Eve heads towards the door and opens. “Hello, I’m John,” he says with a wide smile on his face. “Hay I’m Eve,” she answered as she reaches for his belt. Eve was wearing on her night robe whose belt was not tied. She wore a purple bra and a pink pant. “I hear you are looking for a crazy ride down here. Are you sure you can handle the pressure you are about to receive,” she added as she smiles. She gets him inside her room and shuts the door behind as she pushes him to the bed. “I see this will be super fine,” John says. Please be silent and enjoy the service.


She gets on his top with a mouth closed kiss at first. She slowly gets him undressed as she gives him the most erotic massages John has ever received.



It was great that John cams at this first stage. “You’re a genius of love. It was intense,” John says. “That is an introduction John, we’re just getting started,” she replays as he has his hands tied to the chains hanging from the wall. She slowly gets to his dick for a blowjob. Her style of giving oral sex was what every man desires. And with the control of her eyes, it increased the bonding between John and the escort. She knew how to touch, give a hand blowjob as well as controlling the rhythm.



Things keep going right, and the sex part was the most amazing of all. She knew that John was a new client and had to give her a chance to try all styles from the seated scissors, the cowgirl, and girl on top to doggy style. She controls the ride and knows when to stop and avoid quick orgasm. She knew how to manage the speed and increasing pressure for John leaving him groaning at the climax. Her cries were sweet, and this created the best memory for him. “I have never had such a beautiful fuck,” he said. “You can only find such things with me,” she replied. It was the most fantastic moment John has ever had.